The next reel.

I had a dream, or maybe it was a realisation.
It starts off with a little boy stuck in shark infested waters, crying out to his mama. No one answers, everyone just pulls out their phone. His mother is nowhere to be seen.
Being a mother, I jump in to grab him. Trying to pull myself up, someone grabs the little boy and this young adult kicks me back in. Screaming for help, I hear my children crying. I scream out to them, “Alyss, Theo ! Mama loves you, never forget that babies. I love you and I will always be with you. I love you so much my sweet bug and my little man.” Gargalling the last bit as I am pulled into the water. Trying to fight off the sea, I feel a hand grab me – someone attacks the 2 sharks and pulls me up to the surface. With the help of the zoo staff, both myself and my hero are pulled out of the water.
Bleeding and limping, I run to my children. This is when I see my hero is the little boys mother. I caress my babies harder than I ever have before and I realize. No ones watching.

No one watches what you do.
No one watched you.
They don’t care about you – they’re just looking for their next reel.

But, your kids. Your children are watching – every single thing you do. You children care. Your children are looking right at you – so show them how amazing you can be. Go for the big dreams and the grandiose gestures. They will always be watching.