playing in the rain

playing in the rain

Yes, we are playing in the rain.
Yes, it’s cold and it’s wet.
No, I don’t feel like standing here any longer.
Yes, I will stay.
Because my children love to play in the rain.

They both love feeling the rain drops slide down their cheeks as Alyss jumps into puddles. And who am I to stop her? She is having the time of her life, it’s not like we have anywhere to be or anything else to do. It is three o’clock, they just got up from their nap and we got caugh in the rain on our way outside. Instead of just going back upstairs, resulting in a tantrum, we decided to stay outside and enjoy this moment.
Yes, I said we.
No, it was not my idea, not at all.
I am not their boss, nor their friend. I am “Mama”. The person they come to when something is wrong, the one who knows all of the lyrics to every song in Moana. So today, when my daughter looked up at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers and a frown because she thought we had to go back upstairs, I decided that today, we would play in the rain and the mud. We would get so dirty that just one bath wouldn’t cut it. We have had so much fun that all the dirt and the water we dragged into the house no longer matter. There would just be lots of laughs and big smiles.

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