Late night

Late night

Coffee. That’ll do it for you.

She was just about ready to call it a night. She crawled in to bed with her daughter, it was easier this way, and lay there. Eyes wide open, mind racing. There was no way she could fall asleep after drinking that much coffee. What to do, she thought, what to do?

She got up, careful not to wake the sleeping toddler, grabbed her glasses and her laptop and started typing away.  Why not? She needed to clear her mind, and if she couldn’t write during the day, she might as well use this opportunity tonight. 12:34 am. That’s what time it was. “Perfect. 1-2-3-4-Go !” She thought to herself, smiling at her idiotic joke

She opened her laptop, entered her password and sat patiently as the screen loaded. So many pop-ups, so many distractions. Spotify, Messenger, Google, etc. All of these distractions are what kept her busy instead of writing. Not tonight. Tonight I will write. If I am going to lose sleep, I may as well lose it usefully.

Maybe she could re-read old work and go off of that to start something new? Maybe something would just jump out at her and she would magically write a book – or at least part of a chapter – she hoped.

Outlines. That’s what I need. She said to herself in a low monotone voice – hoping no one would be awoken by the noise of the keyboard clicks.

She paused her writing and decided to head to Facebook. “I have a wonderful writing group. They must have a decent novel outline to help me get on track” She whispered hopefully.

And that’s exactly what happened. Facebook became Dabbler, which then became NaNoWriMo, and so on, until she reached the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. This was it. That meant it was time for bed. She had been up for an hour, worked for approximately half to three-quarters of that time. She began to feel heavy, her feet were cold and her neck sore. That was it, she would crawl back into bed with her daughter and, hopefully, quickly doze off to get at least a few hours of good sleep.

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