Beautiful. Calm and quiet. The waves hit the shore and the butterflies disperce. The birds chant and fly peacefully. Gaspésie. What a wonderful place. There are trees of green and skies blue, with a lighthouse in the corner.

Like a record on repeat, the waves keep moving. A nice, silent noise coming off the shore. As the sun sets, the stars come out. Although they’ve burnt over a million years ago, still, they shine so bright. In a black sky, all we see are beautiful gold shimmering lights.

The birds are resting, getting ready for a new day. The bugs are up and about. Can you hear that? The wind whistling through the trees, telling us we are not alone.

Those who live here see it every day, but do they feel it? Like really feel it? Can they feel the water rushing from an incoming tide? What about how beautiful the waves look as they dance? Do the birds sing to them, like they do to me? Does the sun shine down on them as to warm their soul?

Can they feel the profound sense of serenity? A calm, soothing sensation infiltrating every part of their soul.

Does the sand feel the same between their toes as it does mine? Do they listen to the way the sand squishes beneath their feet?

What a beautiful place to be. With the calm sound of the wind and the sweet song of the birds. What a place to get away.