Babies and book.

Babies and book.

Writing when you have two children is like driving with every type of storm coming your way. You need to turn the wipers on, then off, then on again. You need to turn your headlights on, then the high beams, then close them all. You need to focus on the road, all while watching out for the other drivers. Swerving to miss the potholes and slowing down when you hit traffic. You have to see everything all while keeping your focus on the main point.

Not always easy.
Very often challenging.
Absolutely always rewarding.

Once you get to your destination, I’m sure you will be so proud of all you have accomplished.
Laundry. Write. Diaper changes. Write. Cook. Write. Clean. Write. Put them to bed. Write. I’m still on the road, swerving, and braking. My flashers and wipers going full force, on and off. A constant battle between weather and car. Babies and book.

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