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  • Babies and book.

    Babies and book.

    A constant battle between weather and car. Babies and book.

  • #WorldBreastPumpingDay


    My journey with breast pumping did not go as planned. Neither with my eldest nor with my youngest.

  • a new adventure.

    a new adventure.

    We are alone here. Completely alone. It is scary, and sometimes even lonely.

  • Late night

    Late night

    Coffee. That’ll do it for you. She was just about ready to call it a night. She crawled in to bed with her daughter, it was easier this way, and lay there. Eyes wide open, mind racing. There was no way she could fall asleep after drinking that much coffee. What to do, she thought, […]

  • dear covid

    dear covid

    Dear Covid-19,You may have shown up uninvited. You may have screwed up our plans. You certainly messed with mine. You were unexpected and unwanted. You changed our lives. You see, Covid, we had a life before you arrived. A different life. A life where we had no curfew, no scares, no panic.Then you showed up, […]

  • playing in the rain

    playing in the rain

    I am “Mama”. The person they come to when something is wrong, the one who knows all of the lyrics to every song in Moana.

  • the mother.

    the mother.

    None of them get me when I cry in the shower. When I stay awake despite being burnt. When I imagine driving off on my way home from the groceries. None of them get it, because none of them feel the way I feel.

  • sweet baby girl

    sweet baby girl

    So I decide to sit here, with you in my arms, and watch you fall asleep.